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Business VoIP

Business VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can revolutionise the way companies handle their telephone calls

SIP and Hosted VoIP services are simple and cost-effective alternatives to traditional phone services, providing voice calls and system features over the Internet. With Openreach switching off the Public Switched Telephone Network in 2025, every business will need to consider how they communicate with the world, so contact us now to discuss which VoIP solution is right for your business.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) – connects to your existing phone system and routes calls over broadband rather than over traditional phone lines. It’s a great way to futureproof your business in addition to maximising the equipment you have already paid for.

SIP trunks typically come with free minutes, so you could also reduce your costs!

Hosted Services

Cloud based telephony offers an alternative to traditional PBX systems. A flexible, feature rich environment that allows you to control how you handle inbound and outbound calls. Like SIP services, hosted solutions come with free minutes, therefore you can also control your costs.

Hosted Solutions

However, for customers on the move, connect your mobile device to our hosted solution. This is achieved using our mobile app for true mobility. A range of feature rich handsets including DECT are available. Furthermore, you can customise your office environment to suit your business.

VoIP Solutions

Both our VoIP solutions allow you to retain your existing numbers, so call us now to find out which VoIP Solution is right for you.

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