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Business Hosted Telephony

Business Hosted Telephony

As business has evolved, so have the demands for 24/7 communication

However, the scale and pace of business change is still accelerating. Furthermore, the customer really does have a wide and informed choice, so we all need to be agile and responsive. A reception area, a hotel bedroom, the sofa, a local coffee shop, a car, a plane or a train – they have all replaced the office desk. This therefore fuels the need to stay connected. EVE's purpose is to help your business adapt and thrive. EVE is an exceptional voice everywhere.

Business Hosted Telephony
Business Hosted Telephony

Can eve do everything a traditional phone system does?

Eve is designed to go beyond traditional phone systems, however, not replicate them. You will find the range of capabilities exceptional. In addition, eve can keep you safe from fraud.

What happens if my business changes shape or location?

Eve is everywhere so you can keep your numbers and access its features wherever you are and however large you grow.

How can eve help my business be more successful?

Eve can help your teams to work seamlessly and share information. This is done wherever they are. Eve can also make sure that your customers can speak to you when they need to.

Will my customers like eve?

So much that they may want to use eve too! In addition, eve can make sure they reach the person they need first time and keep a record of the conversation too.

Will eve work alongside my other office systems?

Eve is super friendly and furthermore likes to interact with CRMs and office software. Software such as Outlook, without causing any friction.